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ECT Ambulance Services has built a reputation for unsurmountable service to our patients.

Proudly serving Atlanta, GA and most of its surrounding areas.

Giving back to our communities isn’t just a nice talking point. At ECT, it’s a way of life.


ECT Ambulance Service – Basic Life Support Care

Our service’s Basic Life Support(BLS) is for patients who require medical transportation and continuous medical supervision and monitoring. Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are well-trained and proven in their ability to administer emergency care and treatments.

Each ambulance carries BLS medical supplies, including glucometers, albuterol, defibrillators, aspirin, EpiPens, splints, bandages, masks, oxygen tanks, and spinal immobilization equipment.

All (BLS) ambulances are fully stocked according to Georgia Department of Health guidelines.

Our Service

ECT Ambulance Service is a privately owned company with a proven track record for providing top-notch patient care. Known originally as Complete Medical Transportation, we started over 15 years ago and specialized mainly in wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulatory transport. Since then, we’ve merged and grown our company to become ECT Ambulance Service, a service specializing in Basic Life Support (BLS) care.

At ECT Ambulance Service, we strive to provide the highest-rated patient care while maintaining excellent industry protocols with other EMS services.